Skills Circuit with Divemaster Trainees

As part of the divemaster course the DMT’s (Divemaster Trainees) have to participate in skills circuits, this means that they practice demonstrating skills at instructor level, here at DJL we get our DMT’s to do a minimum of three skills circuits, this way they get to see the skills demonstrated by the instructor several times and they get to practice while being evaluated by one of the divemaster mentors.

Usually the first skills circuit is just to see what they’re meant to do and then have a go themselves, with the instructor there for any pointers and feedback. Then the more they work with instructors practicing their demonstrations and watching the instructors at work, then the quicker they pick it up, and by the third skills circuit they are ready for evaluating.

Once they have completed the three skills circuits they should be able to demonstrate all of the skills at instructor level, which puts them in good stead if they decide to go on and do the instructor course or if they work as a divemaster where they would be conducting scuba reviews.


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