Shoperations! dive shop operations course

So as a budding or newly qualified Divemaster/Instructor there is so much

competition for jobs when on average around 1600 people in SEA (South East

Asia for those not in backpacking lingo) qualify every month. So how do you set

yourself apart from everyone else coming over for busy season to earn a baht or

two for the throngs of intrepid travellers who will grace the fair shores of Koh

Tao over the next few months?

One way would be to take the Davy Jones Locker “Shop Operations” course,

which takes six days, but is in fact three courses rolled into one. As the owner of

DJL diving pointed out “It is the first thing I look for on a CV”. With busy periods

coming up dive schools need all the equipment working, as the margins on

courses are so small on Koh Tao that renting equipment can mean losing money

on a single student.  By doing the PADI equipment specialist you will learn to

identify problems with regulators, BCDS and tanks, take them all apart, fix them

and put them all back together. This will give you an immense sense of

achievement and furthermore make you invaluable to any dive school who want

their equipment in working order!

By completing the compressor maintenance course you will understand how

compressors work, how to maintain them and how to fill tanks (which many

Divemasters on Koh Tao have never done themselves), and also will get to look

round the H2O setup to see how a massive operation works.

By taking the PADI Gas Blender course you can increase your earning potential

by being able to fill Enriched Air Nitrox tanks for divers, and is the stepping

stone to more advanced Gas blending (using Helium for TriMix), which will help

you should you ever decide to take up Tech Diving. By understanding the gases

you are using, you will become a far better diver.

So if you are thinking about working as a Divemaster in Koh Tao or even more

important if you are looking to work elsewhere, then please sign up for the next

DJL Shop Operations Course!

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