Shop Op’s course

A little while ago i did my shop op’s course with DJL’s technical diving Instructor Dave Polley. This is a course that i can highly recommend if you are working or want to work as a dive professional. First of all you look at how compressor’s work and general maintenance. It is good if you are working in remote location’s and you are relied upon to repair or maintain the compressor, as we all know compressor’s are the heart of any dive business as without a compressor there would be no diving.


Then we go on to gas blending, so we look at different blends of Nitrox and the different methods we can use you fill tanks with enriched air. We also took a look at repairing equipment which includes a lot of different regulators, bcd’s and tanks. All of this can come in handy as you are able to service equipment in the dive school you are working for plus as a bonus you can service your own equipment. Last but not least we became O2 technician’s, which means we are able to O2 clean equipment used with enriched air higher than 40%. The course is run over 6 days and is very informative and is a great little add on to your CV.



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