Sail Rock Scuba Dive Trips from Koh Tao

Around Koh Tao, we’re now experiencing great sea conditions – flat sea, very sunny and visibility increasing every day. This should continue throughout Summer.

At DJL Diving Koh Tao, we’re going to take advantage of this by using the RIB to dive Sail Rock (Hin Bae) & the Samran Pinnacles – we’ll be running trips to these dive sites twice weekly throughout Summer.

Sail Rock scuba diving site Koh Tao Thailand
Sail Rock is a small island, which breaks the surface midway between Koh Tao & Koh Phangan. It’s sheer walls meet the sand at around 25 metres – we see lots of pelagic fish, plus there’s a vertical chimney swimthrough running from 6 metres down to 18 metres.

Samran pinnacles diving site Koh Tao Thailand

The Samran Pinacle is an isolated rarely dive site, roughly West of Sail Rock. Max depth around 35 metres extending up to 14 metres from the surface, this a great site for experienced divers. Deep soft corals and masses of fish (due to the lack of divers). Since the RIB is equipped with GPS & sonar its easy for us to locate this deep pinnacle.

Throughout Summer we’re making a special offer for this trip:

2 dives, 2000 baht. [Max 6 customers per trip]

High Speed RIB Diving Koh Tao Thailand Scuba Diving Sail Rock Koh Tao Thailand

Because the RIB is so quick, journey time to Sail Rock will be just 30 minutes (with flat seas), rather than the normal two hours off a big boat. Don’t miss it!

Contact us if you are interested.

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