Rubbish is rubbish!!

Rubbish is a big problem all over the world and it’s important as divers and even non-divers that we respect the oceans. It’s an incredible world and once you discover how amazing it is you really appreciate it. So as often as we can we do beach clean ups and even in our spare time we try our best to clean up.

koh Tao is getting bigger with tourism, people are starting to realise that this little island exists, now it’s been voted as the best island in Thailand, so over the next year the number of travellers are going to increase dramatically so we have to be on the ball. More tourism means more rubbish!

Diving here on koh Tao is probably the best in the world and it’s heart breaking when you see so much rubbish floating around, and even harder If you see a fish caught up in it. Let’s all keep our beaches clean by making sure we put are rubbish in the bins!

Keep koh Tao beautiful!!


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