Pimps and Hoe’s Snorkel Test

This week was a big week for three of our divemaster trainees as they completed the final challenge of their divemaster course, the famous DJL snorkel test! The snorkel test is our way of saying thank you to the new divemasters for all their hard work and help over the last couple of months or so. We basically dress them up in silly costumes, make them play some fun drinking games and give them a good night out on us. This week the theme was Pimps and Hoe’s which was basically just a plan to dress Jeremy up as a lady!

We had Jeremy dressed up as a rather fetching lady boy! Hayley as a not so tough looking pimp and Bella was dressed as a hoe, although somebody mentioned she looked a little like the female gremlin from the second movie (see picture below)! They all looked fantastic and we had a great night with a beer race, a quiz, a lap dance and of course finishing with the dreaded snorkel test where a bucket of the instructors choice is poured down a snorkel and consumed, so be warned be nice to your instructors.

By Chris

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