PADI Womens’ Dive Day

PADI Womens'Dive DayT0 celebrate the PADI Womens’ Dive Day, DJLs’ very own favourite lady Dani has written an article for  the DJL blog.

PADI Womens’ Dive Day

“It was the PADI women’s dive day on the 16th July! Here at DJL we are celebrating it all month. Women are getting more and more involved in diving now which is great to see! In most places there is now almost an equal ratio of men to women, go girls! Here are some great reasons why more and more women should get involved with this fantastic sport and lifestyle.

Full-Body Workout

Working all muscles as you are pushing your way through the water is a great form of low impact exercise….without all the sweating and huffing and puffing. What can be better ladies? You are also burning calories whilst diving without even noticing. At the same time your body is getting both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. All of this whilst seeing the beauties of the underwater world, I can see no downside!

Pushing Boundaries

PADI Womens' DIve DayWomen of all ages are trying out scuba diving and realising that it is not potentially the dangerous extreme activity that it may be perceived to be. Confronting our fears and stepping out of our comfort zone is liberating and almost addictive. Women have also created female other dive clubs to encourage others to join… so come on girls get involved!

World Travel

71% of the world is covered by water which means there is so much more area to explore! So many beautiful locations to see and experience. Diving is also a great activity for solo female travelers — you’ll always be paired with a dive buddy on a boat and this might be a chance to make a lifelong friend. So if you haven’t already… it’s time to get your open water certification and set off on your adventure.


PADI Womens' Dive Day


Going pro is a fantastic career, Whether it is to become a divemaster or instructor both are a fantastic new step to take. Women are being taken seriously more and more in this profession and I can say as an instructor at DJL i have never felt slighted for being a female. the more you love your job and more passionate you are the more you will be taken seriously!

Women Divers Hall of Fame

Fearless women taking the next step with diving. Whether it’s in conservation, photography or exploration of unseen wrecks and depths. All of these fantastic role models’ contributions encourage more and more people to join in with the excitement. Importantly, all of these wonderful women are advocates for our ocean planet.

So ladies, on behalf of the PADI Womens’ Dive Day if you aren’t already involved in the exploration of the underwater world then it’s time you got involved. The first step is your PADI open water course and then you can take it from there. Whether it’s photography that interests you or maybe finding hidden treasures on the many underwater shipwrecks, diving is a fantastic way to improve your life in so many ways!”


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