PADI Staff Instructor, Going up in the world

Are you an experienced instructor looking for a new challenge? Then why not upgrade your qualifications? A great way to do this is with DJL’s PADI staff instructor course.  PADI staff instructors are in demand diving professionals. They the skills and experience to hold a more senior position within the industry.

PADI Staff Instructor course Davy Jones Locker

I recently attended the PADI Staff Instructor course at Davy Jones Locker Diving on Koh Tao,Thailand. It is a really interesting and valuable experience, working with DJL’s team of outstanding course directors and staff instructors as they conducted the PADI Instructor development course. DJL offer ICD’s in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Korean. Therefore on a DJL IDC you get to meet interesting people from all around the world. It’s great for making contacts that will be helpful throughout your diving career.

PADI Staff Instructor, Going up in the world

The aims of the IDC Staff course are to improve all your areas of diving theory knowledge and PADI standards. You will achieve level where you are able to help with the development of the next generation of PADI instructors.  You learn how to mark and give feedback on all areas of the IDC including confined, open water and classroom presentations.  Seasoned instructors will love the ability to pass on their experience and knowledge to trainee instructors as they take their first steps towards building themselves a future in this amazing industry.

Take the next step today and contact DJL to arrange your IDC staff instructor course today, do it now, you will never look back.



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