PADI recognises our outstanding performance !!!


It has been a phenomenal year for us here at DJL , with our fantastic team working hard to introduce new divers to the underwater world, and train new professionals to look after certified divers.

Our hard work has been recognized by PADI Asia Pacific, and we have been rewarded with an award for “Outstanding Contribution To Diver Acquisition”. We were delighted with a personal visit from PADI President and CEO , Drew Richardson, Vice President of PADI Asia Pacific, Henrik Nimb, and Director of Sales and Field Services of PADI diver aquisitionAsia Pacific, Mark Spiers, during which they presented our award to Course Director Peter Nieuwhof, and our fearless leader, Tim Lawrence (aka Davy Jones).


Each and every member of our team enjoys watching new divers fall in love with the underwater world during their PADI Scuba diver or PADI Openwater courses, and continue on to take the next step or just do more diving.

This award is the result of the hard work of the whole team from Marketing to boat staff and everyone deserves a great big thank you!!!



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