On Which Dive Site Can You Find Five Different Species of Shrimp?

No Name Pinnacle is an occasionally dived site situated 100m to the west of Koh Tao’s busiest site, Twins. If you prefer a less crowded site then check this site out. It’s even possible to dive this site as a drop off and swim back to Twins if the boat’s logistics dictate this.

Davy Jones’ Locker boats visit this site on both morning and afternoon dives.

No Name Pinnacle is great for finding different species of shrimp. In fact it’s the only site I can think of in Koh Tao, where I commonly find up to five different species. You can find the three most common species: glass shrimp, Durban dancing shrimp and banded boxer shrimp; also, the less common anemone shrimp and my favourite, the saw blade shrimp.

Shrimp are vital to the reef eco system; as they are carry out on of the main symbiotic behaviours vital to a healthy reef – cleaning. To rid themselves of parasites and dead scales, fish need to visit cleaning stations. This function is carried out by cleaner fish and many shrimp species. So next time you are diving, go slow, and look out for this type of behaviour.

Possibly the main reason there are an abundance of the rarer shrimp types on No Name Pinnacle is due to the infrequency of divers visiting the site.

The small anemone shrimp are very delicate and are likely to become dislodged from their anemone home by careless fin wash – so try to maintain good buoyancy and fining technique when fining close to the reef.

The saw blade shrimp lives on the green whip coral which is abundant on No Name Pinnacle and is in very good condition. It is common on the very busy sites to see lots of damage to the whip coral as careless divers have brushed past it. Divers often forget that the whip coral is living coral just as the other stony and soft corals which cover the reef floor. Divers should try to demonstrate the same care and attention to the whip coral as they would for the other corals.

So if you want a change from the norm, instead of diving Twins, check out No Name Pinnacle next time.


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