Ocean Protection, looking after the sea

Davy Jones Locker diving instructor Nik often has an active role in helping keep the ocean and reefs clean around Koh Tao. In his latest article for the DJL Blog he writes about ocean protection and the dangers that are threatening underwater habitats around the world.

ocean conservation looking after the sea


Ocean Protection

The oceans take up 70% of our planets surface area, yeah thats a lot of water!
But we seem to take for granted what we have in these massive bodies of water. Ocean protection is becoming more and more important to preserve these areas. The oceans are facing great threats these days from over fishing, pollution and water acidification just to name a few things.  Over fishing is one of the biggest threats, especially of apex preditors like our misunderstood sharks. These animals have been shaping our oceans for the last 400 millions years. They are at the top of the food chain in the oceans and if we lose them and other apex preditors we lose our lives as well.

The oceans produce 70% of our oxygen from algae and plankton converting CO2 to O2. But if we lose the animals that keep the algae and plankton eaters in check the ocean will suffer from over population of these fish, and if the fish  eat too much algae or plankton a consequence will be that we lose oxygen. As a result, over fishing of any species is destrutive and dangerous to our oceans.

ocean conservation looking after the sea

How can we help?

I’ve had first hand experience seeing some of the carnage and it is depressing and concerning. So when you go to the grocery store and purchase fish such as tuna remember where it has come from. Educate yourself on how these fish are caught and what fishing methods may have been used. I’ve taken fishing nets off of dive sites and seen what its done to fish and the reef. Another thing to remember is how we deal with products containing plastic. It’s important to be aware of proper recycling methods that stop plastic ending up in the  ocean. There’s an impact coming from what we do to the oceans. The decisions we make on land can have a lasting effect on preserving ocean life.