Nudibranches the superheros of the sea?

nudibranches sea superheroes

Nudibranches, or sometimes falsly known as sea slugs, are beautiful aquatic creatures. With their colourful skin, they attract every divers eye. But don’t let yourself trick from the beauty of those animals. As they don’t have a shell anymore they developed another defense system to protect themselves. One of their defense mechanism is their shape and appearance. Nudibranches camouflage themselves looking like their sorounding enviroment to avoid predators. As we know from other animals bright colofull bodies are always a warnign sign in nature. Another way is, they are feeding on hydrozoids, which are commonly known as stinging cells in the sea ( if you ever wondered why you should wear protection while diving, hydrozoids are one of the reasons) But hydrozoids won’t do any harm to the nudibranch, instead they take them into their cells to produce these hydrozoids on their own and use them on their outer skin to defense themselves. ( they have this amazing ability also with producing their own supply, after feeding on chloroplast, the part of the plant cell that is used for photosynthesis). Next time you come diving with us always watch out for those hidden superheros at the bottom of the ocean!

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