No Need To Be Scared.. Your in Good Hands!

As a Scuba Dive Instructor there are many reasons I have heard why people are reluctant to get into diving. Most of these are however psychological that have no real bearing against statistics or how people with similar feelings felt after they have given it a try. Here Are some FGRWIDWTD (Frequentky Given Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Dive) and my responses, which hopefully should help allay the fears. At Davy Jones Locker, we cater to all needs to try and make your course feel safe and fun.


  1. I don’t think I’ll like it!


You don’t have to start paying out money to try diving. Here at Davy Jones Locker if you are feeling nervous or just want to give it a go we can offer you a FREE try dive in the swimming pool. An instructor will set up all your equipment, help you into it and just see if you like the feeling of breathing underwater. This will really help alleviate those initial fears.


  1. I don’t like fish


I’m not a huge fish eater myself, but they don’t touch you underwater. They may come close, but most of them are smaller than your hand. There are over 20,000 species worldwide in all shapes colours and sizes. The ones around Koh Tao are tropical reef fish, which means they tend to be smaller and more brightly colour, leading to some of the most spectacular visuals you will ever experience. Diving is a passive sport, so we are not there to touch the fish!


  1. What about sharks?


The chances of shark attacks whilst diving are next to nill. The amount of things you do on a day to day basis that are more dangerous than scuba diving is staggering. There has been one shark attack in Asia 1820 – 2012, which equates to 0.047% of all dives made. (

The sharks that are seen around Koh Tao are Black Tip Reef Sharks which are a harmless and actually very beautiful to see, though are only seen at one or two dive sites. Please DO NOT let sharks put you off diving.


  1. I’m claustrophobic


Diving not not necessarily bring on feeling of claustrophobia. We have numerous ways in which we as instructors can help. You could try doing a PADI Discover Scuba Dive, which will give you a view into the underwater world to see if it is for you. We will stay close, in very small group sizes, and you can end the dive at any point if it isn.t for you (though I’m sure you’ll be hooked). If it is the though of getting to the surface that bothers you, then you’ll be pleased to know that all PADI recreation diving is ‘No Stop’ Diving, which means that at any point you can ascend directly to the surface without stopping.


So please come into the shop or email us directly if you have any further questions, and come diving with Davy Jones Locker!

by Chris


No Need To Be Scared.. Your in Good Hands!

Diving is fun!!! So come to DJL and try…you will love it 😉

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