New Look For DJL bar

The Monsoon has been very light this year so theres been a lot of great diving being done which has left less time for getting the bar ready for another high season, but with time moving on we have been thinking of themes for the bar and have decided to go with the old theme of shipwrecks. Using the pieces collected over 20 years of looking for wrecks that we had originally displayed in the museum on Koh Tao that we closed when the shop moved to Sairee beach, as our philosophy has always been to display to the public the compasses and portholes ect with the history and picture of the shipwreck so that its memory can be preserved and the lessons learnt from it loss better understood by future seafairers, instead of leaving the artifacts locked away in a cupboard to deteriorate over the years. We feel this will be a visually stimulating and educational asset to the DJL group and give a fantastic backdrop to the parties we have all enjoyed here over the past years.

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