Macro Diving, observing minature marine life

What is macro diving? Many people may not have heard of this term term before. It describes a method of diving which involves very  little movement. Divers will spend the majority of their time concentrating on observing small marine animals. It gives them the opportunity to get close to a variety of tiny sea life, especially the types which may be missed during a regular dive. Davy Jones Locker instructor Nik explains why he enjoys macro diving and how it differs from regular scuba diving.


Macro Diving

The ocean is teaming with life. Whether it’s whales, dolphins, sharks, schools of fish or some down right weird stuff! For me I like the down right weird stuff. Usually to find these weird things you have to change your style of diving. In the diving world we call this macro diving. This is where you stay in one spot or move in and around a max 2 metre square and just look. Some of the things you can find are nudibranch, flat worms, shrimp, octopus, pipe fish, sea horse, crabs, frog fish and scorpion fish.
But remember these bad boys range from 2 – 100mm in length so keep your eyes peeled! The beauty and intricacy of these small creatures will amaze you. Their role in the ecosystem and importance for the food chain cannot be underestimated.



The most important skill you want for macro diving is good bouyancy, slow heart rate and patience. If you cannot control your bouyancy or excitement then whatever you are looking for won’t want to present themselves to you. They will either see you as a threat or you’re just gonna crash into their home like a giant asteroid. You may blow them away just with your hand movements, so remember keep calm, stay patient and you may have a surprise visitor coming to hello.