loving living on the rock

When i first came to Kho Tao to do my divemaster course at djl, i never imagined i would stil be here 3 years later. But its very easy to get stuck on the rock.
Many peple come here and never leave and im happy say i was one of them.
My time during my DMT course was full of good times. lots of diving, studying and of course drinking. I learnt many new skills, not just diving and also saw my personal confidance grow. It was a challange giving dive boat briefings to 30 people, but it gets easier every time.
After 3 great months of divemaster training i was given the job of divemaster at djl. I worked hard for a year and lost about 3 stone. leading fundivers, carring tanks and again more drinking.
Then finally the next step, time to be come a PADI dive instructor. This was 2 weeks of instructor development with our course director pete, and then 2 stressfull days of instructor exams. Now Im still working at djl and still learning new things everyday, and of course still drinking everyday. But most importantly still loving living on the rock.

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