Koh Tao Wrecks, exploring wrecks in the Thai Gulf

Get all the info about Koh Tao wrecks and wreck diving courses from DJL instructor Shaun. Shaun took his divemaster and also his instructor internship with Davy Jones Locker. Now he’s also one of our instructors and is happy to pass on his wreck diving knowledge. Koh Tao has a number of wrecks suitable for different experience levels. This is another reason why Koh Tao is a great place to come to dive.

Koh Tao Wrecks, exploring wrecks in the Thai Gulf

You’re descending, looking down and around, the vast ocean spread out in front of you. Just waiting for that first glimpse of what you’ve travelled all that way for. After what seems an eternity, out of the blue a figure starts to emerge. Its big, rusty and very ghost like. Initially you’re feeling scared, and then overly excited! These are the eerie feelings that divers have come to love and the reason we love wreck diving so much!

Koh Tao is lucky enough to be home to several amazing wreck dive sites.  This means it can cater for all levels of diving from Advanced open water to professional Technical Divers. When the conditions are right you will find all levels of divers chomping at the bit to explore the underwater resting places of these amazing structures.

Koh Tao Wrecks – The Sattakut

Included as one of the Adventure Dives which is part of the Davy Jones Locker Advanced Open Water course is the famous Sattakutt wreck located only 10 min from Sairee beach. The Sattakutt, which is an American WW2 Navy Vessel, lays at a maximum depth of 30m. Not only is it an amazing vessel to dive because of it’s battle gun posts and beautiful structure, but it is also home to some of the Gulfs best fish life. With huge Jenkins Whiprays living underneath the Hull and a plethora of giant red snapper and Ginat Groupers swimming gracefully around the site it is no wonder its one of the more popular wreck sites on Koh Tao. With a PADI Wreck Adventure dive it only takes a few quick knowledge reviews and you are submerged in one of divings favourite adventures, so easy for even the most novice of divers!


Divers removing paint as part of the Sattakut Clean up organised by the Save Koh Tao group

Koh Tao Wrecks – The Trident

For the more advanced recreational diver holding their PADI Deep Diver Specialty certification lays the Trident at a maximum depth of 35m. The Trident is an ex live aboard dive boat which was sunk to form an artificial reef on the south side of Shark Island. When the seas are kind enough this wreck is one of the more stunning wrecks around the island. Even at this depth a huge amount of life is easy to see in the copious amount of soft corals  holding on tightly and swaying in the moving currents. This wooden wreck is only a recently sunk vessel. However it has taken form in this short time to look years its senior. The  collapsing sections at the front of the ship also add an extra level of spookiness.

Koh Tao Wrecks, exploring wrecks in the Thai Gulf

Sinking the Trident, image from ThaiWreckDiver-MvTrident posted by Stephen Burton

Wreck penetration

It is one thing to be marvelling at the exterior of these amazing dive sites. But it is also only natural to feel the need to have a look inside. This is where you take that adventure to the next level! With the PADI Wreck Specialty you’ll learn all the skills required to penetrate a wreck safely. After completing the Wreck Adventure dive there follows another 3 dives learning wreck diving skills. These include correct line preparation and tying up along with mapping of a wreck to find adequate penetration points. After finishing this you will be a certified wreck diver!

Whether you are a new diver just starting to find your sea legs, or an experienced wreck professional Koh Tao and Davy Jones Locker can show you the marvels that await under the surface!