Koh Lipe

A few weeks ago my fiance and I managed to get a few days off together and decided to go and visit DJL’s other dive school in Koh Lipe. We had heard such rave reviews about the diving there and thought we should really go and experience it first hand…….WOW!! I can safely say that whatever people had told me was true. This Island is an absolute hidden gem. You can walk from one side to the other in about 30 minutes, the sunsets are stunning, the beaches pristine, the vibe is relaxed (there are no vehicles) and, although I shouldn’t say this as a dive instructor, the fish restaurants are exceptional. Then you get to the diving….A..M..A..Z..I..N..G..!! Before I became an instructor I was a videographer and I love taking video/photographs underwater. I had never seen anything like this before; the colours were incredible, the reefs teeming with fish of so many varieties and there was not another dive boat in sight. I had to be dragged back to the boat after 65minutes and over 200 photos, and that was just dive 1. Over 2 days we went to 4 different dive sites, each one varying in stunning coral formation and with incredible visibility. I would highly recommend going to Koh Lipe if you have the time. DJL now offer Divemasters the opportunity to do part of their course over in Lipe and I think that it would be fantastic experience for them. I can not wait to go back at some point249732_10151129729350256_1910036515_n 402302_10151129723905256_1945312658_n 539488_10151129727775256_1169282616_n soon. Jo

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