Junkyard Reef dive site, Koh Tao

It’s great to hear divers talk about some of the less well known dive sites around Koh Tao. Junkyard reef is becoming more and more popular and it is a great example of how to create an artificial reef. The principle behind the project was to use any junk that didn’t harm the environment. Once it is on the seabed divers plant coral on the junk structures to create a new habitat for marine life. Davy Jones Locker instructor Nik enjoys diving Junkyard Reef and explains what makes it special for him.

Junkyard Reef dive site, Koh Tao

Junkyard reef

Junkyard reef is an underrated dive site. One of the reasons is because most people think “oh Junkyard, just a bunch of toilets”. But little do they know a large variety of fish live there. Many of these species you don’t get to see often at other dive sites. Examples include the family of yellow box fish that live there or the pair of harlequin sweetlips, you can also find multiple families of saddleback clown fish! So next time you dive Junkyard keep your eyes open, you never know what you might find! If you’re lucky maybe a black fin barracuda.

by Nick

Have fun during your diving at Junkyard 😉


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