It’s only a bit of rain!!

In about a month’s time Koh Tao will be heading into our yearly monsoon. During the month or two it lasts we always get heaps of enquiries about diving in the rain, mainly the question “Is it worth it?” or “Is it even possible?” To answer this briefly, YES! Definitely.

I did my divemaster training during monsoon 2009 and I know for a fact that it made me a much better diver. The main concern is normally if the weather affects the visibility a lot and no, you won’t get 30-40 metres viz, however what you will get is thorough training! I personally love diving in low visibility primarily because of my attention span under water. Both with regards to my capabilities and skills as a diver but also regarding the aquatic life – you pay so much more attention to what’s down there than you normally would if you can see a whole dive site from whatever spot you find yourself and your group in. Think of it this way: If you have a million of little black dots on a massive piece of paper and only a couple with a greyer shade, how likely is it that you would spot them? If you put a hand over one eye though and you lower your peripheral vision you learn to focus and, section by section, search for those little grey ones in between all the blacks. For me, during monsoon, I spot all the small things that you normally miss out on a lot easier.

This will truly make you a better diver. If you do your Open Water course in lower viz you will be so much more experienced and if you after your training go to another place to dive where the water is amazingly clear, well … You will find it as easy and calming as walking down the street!

At DJL Diving we still take our dive boat out even when it’s rainy and choppy, only cancelling a veeery few days for boat safety reasons. So please don’t let the rain or the wind scare you, I promise you, speaking from my own experience being here through 2 previous monsoons, you will still have an amazing time here and the diving is still just as, if not more, interesting as it is the rest of the year.

It is only a bit of rain and after all – you will get wet anyways!! And please keep in mind as well, monsoon is not 2 months of constant rain every day! Most of the time we still get quite a few lovely, warm, sunny and dry days . 🙂


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