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Sea Cucumber

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One of the joys of diving is learning about the thousands of different underwater creatures that live in our oceans.  Students always ask me about the fish they see when we surface.

One of the animals that I get the most questions about is the sea cucumber.  They’re are wild looking bunch of creatures that look like thick, short worms.  Here’s some interesting facts about them:

  • Their body consists of collagen fibers that they can loosen and tighten at will.  So if they want to squeeze into a crack in the rocks, they can essentially liquefy their body and then tighten back up once the emerge.
  • There are over 1,700 different species of sea cucumber which can look wildly different from one another.  Some of them have feet and can walk around (we see these here) and some of them have webbed structures that allow them to effectively swim around.
  • We see lots of them on dives here on Koh Tao, but they also are very common at extremely deep depths (kilometers under water) where they make up to 90% of all the animals that live so deep.
  • They’re certainly not the most beautiful animals we see, but they’re cool in their own way.




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Koh Tao is a favorite travel destination in Thailand and Southeast Asia because it offers all the ingredients for a picturesque holiday; sandy beaches, warm weather, palm trees and scuba diving 365 days a year.

However one thing that you don’t include in the picture is rubbish sticking out of the sand and floating along the ocean’s surface. With the continuous flow of travelers on and off Koh Tao, it has become important that local businesses take on some of the responsibility for maintaining the natural beauty of  this diving haven.

Today Davy Jones is organizing a beach clean up to do just that. As a PADI 5 Star IDC Center, Davy Jones works in alliance with Project AWARE and Ocean Conservancy in the fight for trash free seas.

The fight against debris is an important cause, not just because rubbish on the beach LOOKS bad, but because it IS bad. Trash in our seas affects both traveling and scuba diving by compromising the health of humans, wildlife  and any other livelihoods that depend on healthy ocean.

Feel free to come join the Davy Jones team in our fight against debris this afternoon or anytime you find yourself on Koh Tao, Thailand. We will be meeting at DJL Pool Bar and carry our cause to Sariee Beach!

Hannah Harrelson


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We’re not just about the diving in DJL

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Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love our diving, as do virtually all of our customers and students. But the salt water environment is a very harsh one for our dive equipment and to keep our favourite activity as safe as possible we need to be able to maintain our equipment and service it.


There has been a growing number of requests, over the last few months, from our students wanting to learn how to service equipment. At DJL we already run courses, at various levels, for all of the different kind of servicing that you would expect in the dive industry.

To meet this rise in demand we have now started to run the entry level courses on a monthly basis. More and more people are wanting to take personal responsibility for their , not only is the course exceptional in raising your abilities it is also at a fraction of the cost of the same courses in Europe and the States and will save you money again in the longer term when you no longer need to pay someone else to do what you have just learned to do!


Were not just about the diving in DJL








2nd Stages going under the knife in the reg servicing course.

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Ma rencontre avec le Requin Baleine

By , 12 August, 2014, No Comment

Un matin comme je les aime à Koh Tao : levée tôt pour aller plonger avec DJL sur le site “Chumphon Pinneacle”, l’un de mes sites préférés. Un peu plus au large que les autres, c’est un bloc de roche immergé, allant de 35 à une 15aine de mètres de profondeur, sur plusieurs dizaines de mètres de longueur. Riche en vie marine, on y croise presque chaque fois des bancs de petits ou moyens barracudas, des grands barracudas solitaires, des mérous géants, des murènes etc…. Ce matin là, en compagnie de deux autres plongeuses, nous faisions le tour du rocher comme d’habitude… Quand il est apparu au loin, reconnaissable entre tous avec sa mâchoire carrée… C’était bien lui : le Requin Baleine. On s’est regardées toutes les trois, on n’en croyait pas nos yeux… On a nagé vers lui… il a accepté notre présence… nous avons pu le suivre pendant quelques minutes… qui nous ont paru une éternité… juste lui et nous trois, en larmes dans nos masques tellement l’émotion était grande…
L’une des plus émouvantes expériences de ma vie… En espérant pourvoir la revivre…


whale shark meeting

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An Underwater Proposal

By , 4 August, 2014, No Comment

One great thing about being a scuba instructor is that you often make long-lasting friendships with students. I was excited when my friend Charlotte, who did her Wreck Specialty Course with me last year, told me she was making a last minute trip to Koh Tao to finish off her Master Scuba Diver rating. This time around, she was bringing along her boyfriend David and he was going to do his Open Water course.
After getting David all signed up for the course, he pulled me aside and told me he was planning on proposing to Charlotte and that he wanted to do it underwater. I was psyched because I knew this was going to be a lot of fun to plan. So, myself, David and his instructor, Hannah, immediately got to work making sure the logistics were all in place.
Charlotte was doing her Search and Recovery Specialty course, so the final dive had her planning and executing and underwater search. She supposed to find a weight belt and bring it to the surface with a lift bag. Instead, she found David who was there on one knee with a sign saying “Will you marry me?”. She nodded and gave the ‘OK’ sign with all of the other students applauding.When they surfaced (after much kissing on the safety stop), they found the boat decorated in pink heart balloons. Charlotte said that was her dream proposal. It was certainly one of my favorite moments so far as a scuba instructor and I was honored to have been a part of it.
Staff Instructor at DJL Diving



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