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Springtime… When a man’s fancy turns to love.

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Titan Trigger FishThe same can be said for some of the marine life we see here while diving on Koh Tao.  For example, it’s just becoming triggerfish mating season here and we now see them digging pits to lay their eggs in.

Other fish are becoming amorous as well nowadays.  And in some crazy ways:

Anenomefish are initially all males when they are young.  The largest of them becomes the dominant female and mates with the males.  Should something happen to her, the dominant male will switch genders and become the dominant female!

Nudibranch get frisky as well.  However, they move so slowly that sometimes finding a partner can be a challenge.  Fortunately for them, they are all hermaphrodites, so everybody has both male and female genitalia.  So, should any two happen to meet, it’s time to get it on.


Even the coral get into the action.  They can’t move of course, so instead of finding a partner, they time their spawning with the cycle of the moon, so that everybody ejects their sperm and eggs into the water at the same time.  Ah, romance.


As for the mating behaviors of the humans on the island, I have no comment.  I’ll leave you to discover that on your own.




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Time is running out to register for DJL’s annual ‘Free Thailand Divemaster’ competition. All people who wish to start a Divemaster Internship with DJL Koh Tao between 1st July – 30th August 2012 will have the chance of winning it for free. Also two runners up get a 15% discount!

The warm waters, tropical fish, colorful reefs and white sandy beaches have made Koh Tao one of the best places in the world to learn to dive. Adding to this Thailand offers cheaper diving courses than anywhere else.

So become a professional diver today and work all round the globe in some of the worlds most exotic and unique places. No previous diving experience is needed and most importantly there is no obligation to work for us for free, like with most’ free Divemaster Internships’.

1st PRIZE: Free PADI Courses from Open Water to Divemaster (worth 54,000 baht!)

2nd PRIZE: 15% discount off PADI courses from Open Water to Divemaster (worth 9,000 baht!)

BOOK BY: 30th August 2012

START BETWEEN: July 2012-August 2012

The draw will be held at DJL Pool Bar on the 31st of August 2012.
If you are already a qualified diver when you start your internship you could win the value of the courses you book. You must have paid for your Internship in full by 30th August 2012 to be entered into the prize draw.
For more information on Divemaster Internships at Davy Jones Locker or to book your internship place, please email us at

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Got the need for speed?

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DJL's High Speed Rib

DJL’s high speed RIB returned to service on Koh Tao to offer something very different.

The DJL RIB, named ‘The Carpathia’ is a Rigid Inflatable Boat, or RIB for short. The RIB concept was originally designed by Rear Admiral Desmond Hoare of the Atlantic college, who sold the patent to the RNLI for £1. Used in the United Kingdom as inshore lifeboats for decades, due their high speed and safety, RIBs make an ideal great dive platform. RIBs consist of a rigid fibreglass hull, bonded to a multi cell inflatable tube.

The Carpathia is powered by twin Yamaha 85hp 2 stroke outboard motors, which can carry her at an exhilarating 27 knots even when laden with divers and equipment, the RIB opens up possibilities of quickly and conveniently whisking divers to the dive site of their choice. Carrying smaller groups and being faster, we are able to tailor the choice of dive site to suit you, meaning we can offer Koh Tao’s only truly ‘a la carte’ diving shuttle service. Want to go to a dive site no one else is going to? No problem! Just let us know and we can arrange it for you. Fancy a technical diving trip to one of the many deep wrecks in the region, we can accommodate you. Keep an eye on the RIB trip board to see what trips are scheduled, or here on the DJL forum for updates.

DJL will also be offering boat handling courses for those interested in learning seamanship skills, consisting of both theory and practical boat handling experience, the boat handling course teaches you how to operate a RIB for diving operations, including dropping in and picking up divers, dropping and recovering shot lines, manoeuvring skills, emergency skills including man overboard procedures, coming alongside, anchoring and collision avoidance. Working towards a career in diving? Add something a little different to you CV with a boat handling qualification.

Ed Bosworth, DJL Diving

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Win 1 week unlimited diving

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Davy Jones Locker has just launched it’s latest competition that is open to all our previous customers that are lucky enough & smart enough to own a DJL T-Shirt!

The rules are simple.. We’d like you to post your photograph on our Facebook “wall of fame” – the photo must be of YOU wearing your DJL T-Shirt in any location on the planet. We’d like to see where you guys have been & where you are now – bonus points will be given for famous landmarks! The most extravagant, artistic & unique photo will win unlimited diving for 1 week at DJL Koh Tao or Koh Lipe. Competition Closes on Songkran (April 13th 2012).

Good Luck!

Here are a few examples courtesy of our instructor Emil (who is obviously exempt from winning).. sorry Emil!

Dinner in Russia

Bruce Lee KO in Hong Kong

Architecture in Hong Kong

Shopping in Beijing

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Why I love teaching Open Water

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Jenny, Philippa, Sarah, Megan, Leiann

As a dive instructor, there is one thing that will never get old. Coming up with a group of students after open water dive 1 and hearing them all, in union, state how unbelievable it was. Ohh’s and ahh’s and every once in awhile someone going (my favorite) ‘why couldn’t we stay down longer?’ (Mmmm, I wonder why?) It’s even better when it’s a group of classy English ladies, who spent days prior to the course (between their hours of scheduled sunbathing rituals) asking you every question imaginable and who were terrified that something might go wrong. They almost had me stressed out more than them about the course, and it hadn’t even started yet. Who would have guessed, that group of girls would have ended up becoming one of my favorite groups of Open Water students to date and also some great friends that I hope I can meet up with later in life. Well start with the introductions. First off we had Jenny, the fun loving (but sometimes forgetful) student who liked to share stories about her travels, especially when she had a near death experience with a coconut. Then there was her side kick and best mate Philippa, also known as Flip, eager to dive with a love for The Foo Fighters. Leiann, who was traveling with her father (also a fellow PADI diver) and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, then Megan, who had tried diving once before (well just say it wasn’t the best experience) and was very nervous about giving it a second go. The first day started out with a pool session, which ended up not only being one of the longest one’s I have ever done, but also the funniest. It began with 4 very nervous but excited girls all asking multiple questions at once (sorry girls if I got a little snappy with you, it was out of love I swear), continued with many skills, some easy, some difficult, and some (to their surprise) a piece of cake. No tears were shed during the almost 4 hours spent in that pool, but there were a few times when we all had to come up to the surface for air, not because they were having a hard time breathing from their regulators, but because we were all laughing so hard underwater our ribs were starting to ache and we needed a breather. I felt like a mother hawk watching her chicks take that big leap into the air the next day, as all 4 girls plunged into the open sea and I watched them descend into a world that they would never forget. The fear of the unknown ocean was turned into a love for it, right before my eyes, and it made me remember why I loved my job so much. After surfacing and hearing what use to be uncertain questions turned into ‘OHMYGAWDDD (that was brilliant, that was amazing, that was unreal, ect, ect.) I knew they were hooked. I couldn’t help but laugh, while briefing about the second dive, I explained about the family of clown fish we would go visit (ok girls, all together now, ‘OHHHH NEMOOO!’) and my smile only got bigger when at the end of the day, their complaints about getting up early the next day to have to finish the course became complaints of how they wouldn’t be able to sleep, since they were that excited to go diving again. The last day of the course went as planned, lots of excitement with some more ohh’s and ahh’s, but ended with the satisfaction of taking what started as 4 terrified and nervous girls and certifying them into PADI open water divers. Its times like these that make me love what I do, to be able to watch people grow within themselves as they conquer a new task that is in front of them, sometimes scary at first but in the end very rewarding. And to be honest, if these girls can do it, anyone can (again, I say that out of love).

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