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Diving Mask & Its Importance

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Diving mask & its' importanceDavy Jones Locker instructor Nik emphasises the importance of diving with a comfortable, well fitting diving mask. All pieces of dive equipment are important in their own specific way, but as your main visual aid while underwater it is well worth making sure you have a piece of equipment that you are happy to use when diving. You may consider pursuing diving as a hobby after completing the PADI Open Water course or Advanced Open Water course. In these circumstances owning your own diving mask is always beneficial while fun diving or pursuing other diving courses.

The importance of a mask when diving

When it comes to diving nothing is more personal then your dive mask. Yes computers are important but they aren’t much use if you are unable to even see them. When it comes down to what you want out of a mask the most important part of it is fit and comfort. You can buy the fanciest one with the biggest price tag and it may be completely wrong for your face. Or you might buy the most affordable bottom shelf model and nothing fits better.

Which type of diving mask do I choose?

There are lots of features to consider when making a purchase. Do you want black skirt or clear skirt. Do you prefer it t have a frame or be frameless? Will you choose a wide range of view or a very tunnel vision like view to focus more? Personally I like a black skirt, big range of view with some periferral vision as well to keep a close eye on my students. So next time you go to purchase a mask take your time. It’s not as simple as buying one and it fitting perfectly! Ask your dive pro about tips and perks for getting one which properly fits.


Air Consumption & How to Improve it.

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Air Consumption & How to Improve itDavy Jones Locker instructor Meike gives some great tips on how to get the most out of diving by improving your air consumption and being able to stay underwater for longer.

How to improve your air consumption

“Do your dive buddies come up with way more air in their tank than you? Or are you always the first one of your group to go up? Why is that? And how can you change it?


PADI Womens’ Dive Day

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PADI Womens'Dive DayT0 celebrate the PADI Womens’ Dive Day, DJLs’ very own favourite lady Dani has written an article for  the DJL blog.

PADI Womens’ Dive Day

“It was the PADI women’s dive day on the 16th July! Here at DJL we are celebrating it all month. Women are getting more and more involved in diving now which is great to see! In most places there is now almost an equal ratio of men to women, go girls! Here are some great reasons why more and more women should get involved with this fantastic sport and lifestyle.

Full-Body Workout

Working all muscles as you are pushing your way through the water is a great form of low impact exercise….without all the sweating and huffing and puffing. What can be better ladies? You are also burning calories whilst diving without even noticing. At the same time your body is getting both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. All of this whilst seeing the beauties of the underwater world, I can see no downside!


Health Benefits of Diving

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health benefits of divingThere are a wide variety of reasons to take up diving. However, health benefits isn’t the first thing that usually comes to mind. Davy Jones Locker diving instructor Dani has written an article highlighting how diving can improve your health of your body and mind.


“We all have our own reasons as to why we love diving, but not only can you see the wonders of the underwater world you can also improve you health and fitness, both mentally and physically.
Here are some of the top reasons why Diving gives us such benefits.

Health Benefits

• Flexibility and strength

As you move against the natural underwater currents you will find your body works harder. As a result this will start to build some of the muscles in your body that you aren’t necessarily used to using. For example your thighs are shoulders will start to develop strength and flexibility similar to swimming. This in turn will help create a stronger posture.


Tech Diving – Extend your Limits !

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tech diving -extend your limits !Davy Jones Locker has an expanding tech diving department and instructor Ed has written an article for the DJL Blog. He explains the options for getting involved in tech diving, how to progress and gain more experience and certifications in this exciting area of diving. For more information about the courses we offer contact


Tech Diving – Extend your Limits!

“Diving is fun. Diving within recreational limits is an easy way to enjoy the top 40 meters of the world’s oceans. But what about going deeper?
Diving beyond no stop limits requires special training and equipment. For this reason DJL tech is here to give you the training you need to go beyond the recreational limits. Tech diving certification will enable you to discover an amazing world of deep dive sites not available to recreational divers. Technical diving is a challenging and exhilarating side of the sport using multiple tanks and mixed gasses to allow you to safely explore at greater depths.