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Become a diving professional with DJL on Koh Tao

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After another 100% success rate in the PADI instructor exams it is easy to see why DJL is your number one choice for professional level diver courses. Our world famous Divemaster training program continues to go from strength to strength and is now under the direct supervision of veteran DJL Master Instructor Emil. With four world class Course Directors, Pete, Guy, Patrick and Ildo, backed up by their team of multilingual staff instructors we offer the PADI instructor development course in a wide range of languages and offer all levels of PADI instructor training. After your instructor course in complete, master your training skills, by gaining experience working alongside DJL’s team of knowledgeable instructors with our MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) internship. Beyond that you can gain the prestigious Staff Instructor rating working alongside our CDs assisting with an actual instructor course.
Should the technical instructor route take your fancy, DJT Tec can train you to become an instructor in all aspects of tech diving, including trimix, reabreather, full cave and advanced wreck.
Add to your CV with DJLs range of speciality training including gas blending, compressor operator, service technician, deep, wreck, and nitrox.
Perhaps you are interested in a career in underwater videographer. Working alongside our partners at Koh Tao Pro video we can provide all the training you need to film and edit professional quality underwater videos.
Why throw away years of your life and money studying for a job you are not interested in. Take the first step towards the career you really want and start training to be a professional scuba diver today with DJL.

PADI proressional courses Koh Tao

Become a dive professional at Davy Jones Locker



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We can all make a difference!

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It is well known across the world that coral reefs can be greatly affected by human activities, with the literature reporting an estimated 30% of global coral reefs already damaged to some extent. In Koh Tao, our reefs are important for the economy of our local community focused centrally on diving and tourism. Without our diverse range of reefs and dive sites, Koh Tao couldn’t be the worldwide diving mecca that it is today!

Whether visiting Koh Tao for one day, or one year, the easiest, and potentially the most beneficial thing we can do is simply to control our buoyancy! And it’s not only kicking and touching that can break coral, stirring up nearby sediment can cover the corals, ultimately leading to coral death, which in turn can make it increasingly difficult for corals to recolonize an area.

For these reasons, demonstrating buoyancy control is imperative at every level of PADI certification, so it makes sense to be deliberately practicing these skills on every dive.

The Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive introduces you to perfecting your buoyancy skills by providing you with a range of buoyancy skills, efficient kicking techniques, and games you can practice at any time, whether under instruction, or fun diving. Keeping your skills fresh and going onto the PADI Peak Performance Speciality will further enhance your buoyancy skills, increase your comfort in the water, and reducing your all so important air consumption, enabling you to get more from your diving experiences.
So next time you’re out diving with Davy Jones’ Locker, whether under instruction or fun diving with a Divemaster, make sure you practice your buoyancy and kicking techniques, or even better, ask for some hints and tips. Remember, they’re always happy to help, because ultimately, the entire Koh Tao coral reef ecosystem will benefit from every diver mastering these skills early with regular practice so our reefs are preserved for future generations!
Neal Rebreather

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…and now for something completely different….

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DJL TeamIf you’re considering dropping what you’re doing and having a complete change of lifestyle for a few months, I can’t think of any better option than to do your DMT here on Koh Tao.

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been living on Koh Tao for a year now. In my previous life, I wrote private wealth management software. I didn’t mind it, but, about a year ago I decided I needed to do something different, so I signed up to do my Advanced, Rescue and DMT courses at Davy Jones Locker. When that was finished, I chose to stay on and become an instructor, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

One great thing about DJL is there are usually a dozen or so DMTs at any given time. People from all over the world from different backgrounds and ages. You work together, dive together and go out together and you make solid, life-long friendships.

In doing your DMT you’ll learn to be a better diver yourself, but you’ll also help out actual customers as they’re learning as well, which can be very rewarding. You and your fellow DMTs will be an important part of the organization. Plus, you’ll get to do some killer diving along the way.

If you’re reading this blog, you may be thinking about coming to Koh Tao to do your DMT. It might seem crazy to put real life on hold, travel to the other side of the planet and become a professional level scuba diver. But, think of it this way, when you’re 80 do you think you’ll regret going to a beautiful island in Thailand for 2 months and having an amazing experience? Probably not.
Pete G.

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Our IDC at DJL

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The first time we came to Thailand we fell in love with it and it’s been an on and off affair ever since. With our backpacking days a bit behind us and both working long hours in the catering industry, we decided we wanted to rekindle and re-live life on a little, tropical, Thai island, even if it was only for 2 weeks – and so the the first time I came to Koh Tao it was for a fortnight’s diving holiday to get away from it all and spend some time with the fish.

Well that was enough time to turn our worlds upside down and we couldn’t get this place out of our heads. A new thought surfaced – why couldn’t we dive for a living? Imagine getting paid to go diving instead of paying for it; the prospect of travellng and working in beautiful places, meeting new people, making new friends and diving every day sounds too good to be true. Decision made, we headed back to Koh Tao and to Davy Jones’ Locker Diving for a Divemaster internship. It was so much fun and the instructors and all the staff are great (not to mention the pool parties and the DJL bar).

We had obligations in the UK and so had to leave Koh Tao after our Divemaster course, but we still had the diving dream in our heads. We worked in Europe last Summer as DMs and started thinking about our next move. Naturally the next step for us was to become PADI Instructors. When you search online, the choices of where to do your IDC are seemingly infinite. For us it was an obvious decision; we love Koh Tao and DJL. We’re so happy to be back and to have just qualified as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors.. Yay! It’s such an amazing feeling. The IDC here prepared us really well for the IE and we’re so grateful to Pete, our course director, for all his help, support and guidance.  Before we arrived for the IDC we were e-mailed with dive theory prep so we could get a head start which was a big help.  The course itself felt very personal and catered to us as individuals; here you are not just another candidate. We’re grateful too to all the DJL instructors who were always willing to help and advise us whenever we asked during the course.

We’re still continuing our education at DJL Diving and can’t wait to teach our first courses and share the underwater world with some new Open Water divers.

Claire and Henry

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Time is running out to register for DJL’s annual ‘Free Thailand Divemaster’ competition. All people who wish to start a Divemaster Internship with DJL Koh Tao between 1st July – 30th August 2012 will have the chance of winning it for free. Also two runners up get a 15% discount!

The warm waters, tropical fish, colorful reefs and white sandy beaches have made Koh Tao one of the best places in the world to learn to dive. Adding to this Thailand offers cheaper diving courses than anywhere else.

So become a professional diver today and work all round the globe in some of the worlds most exotic and unique places. No previous diving experience is needed and most importantly there is no obligation to work for us for free, like with most’ free Divemaster Internships’.

1st PRIZE: Free PADI Courses from Open Water to Divemaster (worth 54,000 baht!)

2nd PRIZE: 15% discount off PADI courses from Open Water to Divemaster (worth 9,000 baht!)

BOOK BY: 30th August 2012

START BETWEEN: July 2012-August 2012

The draw will be held at DJL Pool Bar on the 31st of August 2012.
If you are already a qualified diver when you start your internship you could win the value of the courses you book. You must have paid for your Internship in full by 30th August 2012 to be entered into the prize draw.
For more information on Divemaster Internships at Davy Jones Locker or to book your internship place, please email us at

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