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Free Divemaster competition at DJL!!

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Free Divemaster competion at DJL !!The booking period for FREE ENTRY into our annual FREE DIVEMASTER competition is nearly here !!
Check out the details below, to make a booking contact .

Quote “DJL Divemaster Competion” in your email and we will give a 5% discount off your divemaster course when you are entered into the draw.


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Wreck Spec advice

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wreck spec adviceDavy Jones Locker instructor Dani recently took one of our Divemaster candidates Kieran through his Wreck spec,  following that she has written a new article for the DJL Blog containing some great wreck spec advice. Wreck exploration and penetration is one of the most exciting aspects of diving but does have some inherent risks and dangers that divers need to be aware of.


“Danis Wreck spec tips :

For many divers the greatest thrill is exploring ship wrecks. But, as you progressed through your open water training, you were no doubt constantly reminded about the dangers of entering wreckage or any overhead environment. The dangers are real and valid whether you are a relative new comer to diving or a seasoned dive professional with many thousands of dives.


Air Consumption and Ways to Improve it.

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Air consumption and ways to improve itInstructor Dani has written a new article for the DJL Blog offering some great tips on how make your air last longer when diving. It’s not only about what you do while you are in the water, other factors such as lifestyle and preparation before a dive are also important in helping you breathe underwater efficiently.


“Are you constantly finding you are turning your dives based on your air supply? fastest air consumption compared to your buddy’s on the boat? wanting to spend those extra few minutes with that turtle?

You may never have the best air consumption on the boat but you can have the most improved. Here are 10 helpful tips to help you to improve our air consumption and give you longer dives safely…


Ash Dykes, an Adventurer and Explorer

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Interview with a past DJL Instructor and future hero!

Ash Dykes -Adventurer and ExplorerIt is a great achievement for all our of students who come to Davy Jones Locker and become certified divers, whether it’s completing an Open Water course or progressing through the Divemaster and Instructor internships. Sometimes you meet people like Ash Dykes, an Adventurer and Explorer who takes the level of adventure beyond what what most of us would even dream of.


Ash Dykes Davy Jones locker InstructorWhen Ash came to Davy Jones Locker to take his diving Internship he already had a history of setting himself challenges and consistently overcoming them. After completing his Divemaster and Instructor courses he worked at here at DJL before setting his sights on crossing entire countries unaided on foot. His first success was trekking across Mongolia and recently became the first person to traverse Madagascar. We caught up with Ash and managed to get a brief Q & A with him before he sets off again on his travels…


Sail Rock trip January 2016

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Sail Rock (aka “Hin Bai”) is one of the top diving destinations in the Gulf of Thailand, it has great visibility with large groups of schooling fish, as well as some of the most spectacular underwater scenery.


sail rock mapAfter a leisurely 1 hour  and half cruise from Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, the Davy Jones Locker boat arrives at this truly exciting and extensive dive site. The main structure actually sticks out of the water and the rest of the features are below – Sail Rock’s exposed position makes it a focal point for all the marine life around – stopping to take a break or to visit a cleaning station.

Sail Rock is a deeper dive site and there can be some currents, but by diving in small groups with personal care and attention it’s usually safe for all.


sail rock dive siteColourful cup corals, giant black coral, white eyed morays and raggy scorpionfish are just some of the highlights of the non-pelagic life on the pinnacle. Outside, look out for big schools of fish, particularly jack, barracuda, snapper and batfish, plus hunting king and queenfish and more.


Sail Rock trip January 2016The awesome scenery as the visibility increases is something to be experienced, and there’s even a small vertical chimney for adventurous divers to swim through. You may also be lucky enough to see a whale shark as they occasionally visit the site, but they are not guaranteed!




7. Instructor patricia driving the boatPatricia