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Deep Diving with DJL!

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Deep Diving with DJL!Matt is an Instructor for Davy Jones Locker and has written an article about deep diving for the DJL blog. Matt is also an active Tech Diver with considerable understanding and experience. He explains some of the benefits of diving at depth and also weighs up the risks involved and how to counter them.


“So guys, you’ve done your 18m dive and now are starting to think about going deeper? there are many steps you can take now to get your 30mtrs, 40mtrs or even DEEPER certifications!

World records

Many people ask me ‘what is the deepest you can go in diving’? Now, this question is very general. The deepest claim for an Open Circuit SCUBA DIVE is 330m . This occurred just a few weeks after Nuno Gomes set the new deep diving record of 318.25 meters (at the moment 318,25 is still the Official Guiness World Record). However, diver Pascal Bernabeis makes a claim of diving to 330 meters on open circuit scuba in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Barracuda and Diving

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barracuda and divingDiving around the sites of Koh Tao gives a great opportunity to encounter 4 different species of barracuda. Davy Jones Locker diving instructor Matt gives us the lowdown on these impressive but sometimes intimidating creatures. Reassuringly they aren’t as fearsome as they look!


Barracuda and Diving“The barracuda is a ray finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance. It is a saltwater fish which you can find in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide. Habitats range from the Eastern border of the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and Caribbean sea. Divers will find them near the top of the water, near coral reefs and sea grasses.


Tech Diving – Extend your Limits !

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tech diving -extend your limits !Davy Jones Locker has an expanding tech diving department and instructor Ed has written an article for the DJL Blog. He explains the options for getting involved in tech diving, how to progress and gain more experience and certifications in this exciting area of diving. For more information about the courses we offer contact


Tech Diving – Extend your Limits!

“Diving is fun. Diving within recreational limits is an easy way to enjoy the top 40 meters of the world’s oceans. But what about going deeper?
Diving beyond no stop limits requires special training and equipment. For this reason DJL tech is here to give you the training you need to go beyond the recreational limits. Tech diving certification will enable you to discover an amazing world of deep dive sites not available to recreational divers. Technical diving is a challenging and exhilarating side of the sport using multiple tanks and mixed gasses to allow you to safely explore at greater depths.


Free Divemaster competition at DJL!!

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Free Divemaster competion at DJL !!The booking period for FREE ENTRY into our annual FREE DIVEMASTER competition is nearly here !!
Check out the details below, to make a booking contact .

Quote “DJL Divemaster Competion” in your email and we will give a 5% discount off your divemaster course when you are entered into the draw.


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Night Dive with Davy Jones Locker!

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Night Dive with Davy Jones Locker!DJL instructor Meike has written a new article for the Blog! In the article she describes what it’s like to take part in a night dive. Night diving lets you experience the ocean environment in a completely different way. One of the great things about it is that you get to see marine life which usually hides away during daylight hours.

Night Dive and Swim with Fluorescent Plankton on Koh tao

Here’s a new thing for your bucket list when coming to Thailand. Why not try exploring the sea at night and seeing bioluminescent plankton – the famous sparkles of the sea!
Many people think that a night dive is just the same as diving during the day, except that its dark. But night dives are magical! The coral’s colors really come out nicely in your torches glow. At night you get to see so many things that you can’t see during the day.