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New Promo video for Davy Jones Locker Koh Lipe

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New Promo Video for Davy Jones Locker Koh LipeDavy Jones Locker currently has Dive Centers on Koh Tao and Koh Lipe. Koh Lipe is situated on the west coast of Thailand close to the Malaysian border and on the edge of the Tarutao national park. It is a small, quiet island great for families and people want to relax. The beaches are beautiful and the surrounding waters are ideal for SCUBA diving or snorkelling.


Koh Lipe was originally inhabited by the Chao Lei people who were sea gypsies that settled here, it now caters for tourists and divers who usually visit in high season from November to May. The Davy Jones Locker dive center is located on Pattaya beach, one of the 3 main beaches on Koh Lipe which are all within walking distance. It has 5 star IDC status which means people can be trained all the way up to a professional level and become PADI dive Instructors.


The new Davy Jones Locker promo video provides a glimpse of what is like a visit an island paradise and dive a crystal clear ocean with an abundance of marine life.




Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016

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Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao is expanding its’ Technical Diving Department in 2016. We will be conducting a series of IANTD Tech courses between 11th May 2016 and 23rd May 2016 with a view to offering employment to suitable candidates who gain certification.  You do not need to be an IANTD  Instructor to take part in any of the courses that are offered, however there are certain prerequisites  which are listed below each course.

The Instructor for these courses will be the well respected Rasmus Dysted.

Rasmus has been a Diving Instructor since 1994 & started technical and cave diving in 1996. He has logged over 5000 dives in most parts of the world. Rasmus has written several course programs & materials, is an Instructor Trainer in 4 different training organisations and is also training military special ops. He is specialized in sidemount, CCR cave and trimix and is an Instructor on more than 10 different rebreathers.  His wide range of IANTD certifications make him the ideal candidate to teach the courses we will be offering.

Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016In order to give everyone attending  the opportunity to sign up to become an Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor the schedule will start with the Normoxic courses first.







The planned Tech courses are as follows:


“Top Night Out”

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It has been recently brought to my attention that even the most experienced, brightest and most beautiful divers in the world are still unsure regarding “Night Diving” So this months “Dicks Top Tips” shall become a “Knight” in shining Scuba gear and look into what can really make it a “Top Night Out

1) Stay close and shallow. Night dives tend to be shallow, so you’ll have plenty of bottom time to go slow and take it all in. Colours, for example, are much more vivid on a night dive than they are during the day, on a night dive, your light source is in normally in your hands, so the water doesn’t take away any of the light unlike when you are 18 metres under.

2) Secure you light. Most dive lights come with a way to attach a lanyard or wrist strap. Get one. It’s cheap insurance against dropping and losing your main source of illumination. Most dive lights will sink like a rock, if you drop one in deep water it may be gone forever.

3) Go “easy” on the light. First-time night divers tend to buy the biggest, brightest beam they can find and cling to it like a security blanket. As you gain experience diving at night and get comfortable, you’ll find smaller lights work just as well. On some night dives, lights of other divers, the boat and the moon can provide as much ambient light you will think its the middle of the day!

4) Get the right gear. You’ll need a main dive light and a backup light. The main light should be the larger and brighter of the two. How large and how bright? That’s up to you, and your choice may vary depending on how clear the water is. When shopping for a light, try out several as some have different grips and handles to suit your personal preferences. Your backup – or pocket – light should be small enough to stow easily, yet bright enough to help you find your way back home.

5) Have fun! Most important, relax and enjoy the dive. It’s natural to be a little anxious before stepping in the dark void of an unlit ocean, but it’s also exciting. When you overcome your anxieties about night diving, you will get to see a completely different side of the dive site, with 10 times as much life as you have seen before!

For help on choosing the best torch for you, or to maybe book a night dive pop into the shop at Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao and speak to one of their Awesome Instructors. Or visit for all your dive needs!!!

Don’t Worry Dive Happy!!

And rememeber the all inportant rule number two of Scuba Diving……….

Always Look Cool!







By Rich


How I can improve my diving

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As an instructor here at DJL I am always looking at how I can improve my diving, I can then transfer these skills into my teaching and hopefully make my students all round better divers.

Soon after deciding to become a professional diver, I began to think about technical diving and how it could improve my skills and provide another exciting element to my diving. After months of research into this area of diving I finally got the opportunity to partake in multiple tech courses at DJL with our very talented and knowledgeable resident tech instructor David Polley, and I loved every minute!

Here at DJL we have multiple options available for you to move into the world of technical diving; so you can go deeper, see new things and just generally improve your knowledge and skills as a diver.

So if you want to take that next step in your diving career, contact us at the shop and we can discuss all options available to you.

Next month I will talk more about the skills you will learn as a technical diver.

Matt aka ‘Trim-Master-Flash’

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By Matt


Why Go Pro?….

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Why Go Pro?…

How many people can truly wake up every morning and say i love my job? i can guarantee that i think this every morning. in my opinion there isn’t much better out there than getting to take people of all different varieties diving, and helping them learn how to experience the underwater world.

There are many different reasons that led me to my career as a dive instructor with Davy Jones Locker Koh tao, but it was definitely one of the best decisions i have ever made. As a PADI professional i am lucky to be a part of the most widely recognized SCUBA training organisations on the planet. I have met many students who have come to Koh Tao for a dive course or even just some fun dives and who have got hooked instantly, and lets be honest its not a bad thing to get hooked on. As an instructor at Davy Jones’ Locker i get to work with a fantastic bunch of girls and guys from all different walks of life and we all have the wonderful opportunity of living on one of the most beautiful islands in the world (my humble opinion). Not only is the lifestyle amazing but i also get to show students and fellow divers some of the most diverse underwater life around.  so i urge you to consider taking the leap if you have a passion for the underwater world, the Divemaster and IDC programmes at Davy jones’ locker could just take you out of the real world and into our crazy underwater bubble, where your office and computer are replaced by sun sea and all the fun that goes with it.

By Dani