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Air Consumption & How to Improve it.

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Air Consumption & How to Improve itDavy Jones Locker instructor Meike gives some great tips on how to get the most out of diving by improving your air consumption and being able to stay underwater for longer.

How to improve your air consumption

“Do your dive buddies come up with way more air in their tank than you? Or are you always the first one of your group to go up? Why is that? And how can you change it?


Deep Diving with DJL!

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Deep Diving with DJL!Matt is an Instructor for Davy Jones Locker and has written an article about deep diving for the DJL blog. Matt is also an active Tech Diver with considerable understanding and experience. He explains some of the benefits of diving at depth and also weighs up the risks involved and how to counter them.


“So guys, you’ve done your 18m dive and now are starting to think about going deeper? there are many steps you can take now to get your 30mtrs, 40mtrs or even DEEPER certifications!

World records

Many people ask me ‘what is the deepest you can go in diving’? Now, this question is very general. The deepest claim for an Open Circuit SCUBA DIVE is 330m . This occurred just a few weeks after Nuno Gomes set the new deep diving record of 318.25 meters (at the moment 318,25 is still the Official Guiness World Record). However, diver Pascal Bernabeis makes a claim of diving to 330 meters on open circuit scuba in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Tech Diving – Extend your Limits !

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tech diving -extend your limits !Davy Jones Locker has an expanding tech diving department and instructor Ed has written an article for the DJL Blog. He explains the options for getting involved in tech diving, how to progress and gain more experience and certifications in this exciting area of diving. For more information about the courses we offer contact


Tech Diving – Extend your Limits!

“Diving is fun. Diving within recreational limits is an easy way to enjoy the top 40 meters of the world’s oceans. But what about going deeper?
Diving beyond no stop limits requires special training and equipment. For this reason DJL tech is here to give you the training you need to go beyond the recreational limits. Tech diving certification will enable you to discover an amazing world of deep dive sites not available to recreational divers. Technical diving is a challenging and exhilarating side of the sport using multiple tanks and mixed gasses to allow you to safely explore at greater depths.


Free Divemaster competition at DJL!!

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Free Divemaster competion at DJL !!The booking period for FREE ENTRY into our annual FREE DIVEMASTER competition is nearly here !!
Check out the details below, to make a booking contact .

Quote “DJL Divemaster Competion” in your email and we will give a 5% discount off your divemaster course when you are entered into the draw.


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Unicorn Wreck diving with the DJL Tech crew

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Unicorn Wreck diving with DJL Tech crewDavy Jones Locker instructor Matt is also a certified tech diver and has written a new article for the DJL Blog. He gives details of the DJL tech teams’ visit to the Unicorn Wreck near Koh Tao for some experience diving.  This trip also helped in providing an ideal opportunity to complete the training of students taking tech courses


Diving the Unicorn Wreck

Unicorn Wreck diving with DJL Tech crew“The DJL Tech crew have been diving the Unicorn Wreck which is located around 4 nautical miles North of Koh Tao in around 48m of water. Preparation for the the dives began the day before with the checking of equipment, mixing and analysing gasses, and dive planning. It was then a nice early start to move the equipment down to the beach, on to the longtail, which would then take the team to the bigger tech boat.