Underwater proposal!

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What a week – I had the pleasure of teaching a Danish couple – Gitte and Ole – on their Open Water Course this week. Little did Gitte know that Ole was planning on proposing to her on the last dive of the course!
We went through all the theory and mastered the confined water (pool) skills then two days ago we went out on the boat to do the first two dives of the course at Twins and Sairee Reef. Then yesterday – THE day – we had an awesome dive at Chumphon Pinnacle for dive 3 of the course – we could clearly see the pinnacle (which starts at 14m) from the surface – the visibility was stunning.
Then we had THE dive – the proposal and the final dive of the open water course at White Rock. It was a great dive with a juvenile banded sea snake and free swimming blue spotted stingray making an appearance. But the highlight of the dive was when Ole held out a shell for Gitte to open – she looked inside, saw the ring and pointed at herself as if to say “for me?”! Ole then held up a laminated sheet asking her to marry him and ….. she said yes! They were so happy and we were joined by Bella, one of the Koh Tao ProVideo videographers who captured the whole event.

It was a very special occasion and we wish Ole and Gitte all the happiness for the future – in life and with their diving!
Nicky Simmons

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