IDC Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao

idc davy jones locker koh taoI did my dmt with Davy Jones back in the summer of 2011, after which I worked as a divemaster for a few months. I loved the job but it was always in the back of my mind to do my idc, unfortunately money was running low and my dive master earnings were not enough to fund the idc. So I left koh Tao to go to Australia were I ended staying for 2 years. Although I did not work in the dive industry while there I made sure to visit meny of the oz dive sites such as the Ningaloo reef and the barrier reef. As my Aussie visa was drawing to a close I ha to make the destination: go back to England or koh Toa. Probably one of the easiest choices I’ve ever had to make. So in January I returned to koh Tao to take my idc, only 2 years too late. I new I wanted to return to Djl to do my idc. I had an awesome time doing my dmt there and I wanted Pete, the Djl course director to teach me as I new he had a perfect track record of getting people thought their idc. The course it’s self was pretty intense: 2 solid weeks of 9-5 learning. It been 8 years since I’d been in a class room, I don’t really count my 3 years at university as I only had 3 lectures a week, most of which I skipped and I quite liked the idea of going back to class and learning something new. So for 2 solid weeks we learned the physics of diving, physiology, equipment, PADI standards, RDP tables as well as pool and open water sessions to learn to teach the courses. Safe to say that after the 2 weeks my mind was ready to explode but I was ready to take my I.E. Happily everyone passed and we had a good day of celebrating!!

I would definitely recommend doing the idc at Djl, Pete and the other course directors Guy and Patrick are amazing teachers and are happy to spend any amount of time with you if you don’t understand anything and always so supportive. Combine that with an amazing place with great people, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.


By Sophie

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