History of Koh Tao


Tourism and diving are relatively new here on Koh Tao. The island was only known to fishermen before the 1930’s when the island was first used as a prison. In 1947 the prison closed the first families moved to the Island. In the 80’s the first backpackers started exploring the island. Among these early visitors were Koh Tao’s first divers. The island has a multitude of great dive sites, and the warm clear conditions provide the ideal conditions for diver training. Diving shops soon started popping up all over the island and as word of Koh Tao’s reputation as a diving destination; tourism and diving on the island began to snowball. Koh Tao is now one of the world’s busiest diver training destinations with over 50 dive operations on an island of only 21 km2 vying only with Cairns in Australia as the world’s number one diver certification location. If you are looking to learn to dive, a qualified diver looking to extend your experience or considering trading up from the 9 to 5 and training as a professional divemaster or instructor you will find Koh Tao hard to beat, both in terms of price and quality of training. It’s a great place to spend your vacation time as well, with beautiful beaches, great restaurants and vibrant, yet laid back nightlife. Davy Jones Locker diving can provide all your PADI (the worlds most recognised diver training organisation) courses, from single experience dives, lasting just an afternoon (DSD), entry level open water qualifications, right through to professional diving qualifications up to IDC staff instructor) plus full technical diver training. To book your diving adventure with DJL go straight to www.davyjoneslocker.asia and click on “book diving”. Do it now, learning to dive with DJL could be the best decision you ever make.

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