Hin Pee Wee – Koh Tao’s Most Improved Dive Site

At DJL we always try and take our divers to a wide range of dive sites so they get to see as much of the wide diversity of aquatic life that Koh Tao has to offer. One of our divers favorite dive sites at the moment is Hin Pee Wee. This is because of the crystal clear water, wide range of sea life and the fantastic Sattakut ship wreck that lies close by to the South of the dive site. Another reason why it has become such a popular location is that it has become home to a very friendly hawksbill turtle which is a big hit with the students and makes regular appearances on our courses. Other aquatic life include, blue spotted stingrays, Jenkins rays, angel fish, longfin banner fish, moray eels, barracuda to name nut a few.
Hin Pee Wee is a perfect location for fun divers and courses alike with the top of the main pinnacle at around 7 meters and parts of the bottom at 18. The wreck lies about 20 meters to the South of the main pinnacle with the bottom of the hull at 30 meters and the bridge at 18. With the incredible visibility at the moment, Hin Pee Wee is the perfect location for all levels of divers!
Chris Smith

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