Happy New Year!!!

As we come to the end of 2012, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the successes of the past year. As a company we have grown stronger every year and 2012 has been no different. Our school in Koh Tao has been busy and has  certified 2981 recreational divers of which 1641 were introduced to the world of diving by completing an entry level programme like openwater, jnr openwater or scuba diver. We have certified 60 professional divemasters and 29 Openwater Scuba Instructors. Diring the year we were recognised by Padi as one of the fastest growing dive schools on Koh Tao. But its not about the numbers, its about the enjoyment of the sport and the warm responses and endorsements we get from our customers through Facebook , Twitter and Tripadviser remind us that we are introducing people to an experience that changes lives . Our own instructors are often shining examples of that, often arriving here on a package holiday and simply staying , because of the relaxed atmosphere and island lifestyle. We are looking forward to another year of changing lives through dive education.

Our school has grown , literally, as well. Our branch in Koh Lipe reopened for the season with a brand new shop and purpose built accomodation block. Manager Tom has gone from  suit sporting Foreign Office representative to fisherman’s pants wearing hippie, drinking jasmine tea and doing yoga…he too started on a package holiday! The unspoiled diving environment , the relaxed atmosphere and stunning sunsets there have attracted many of our Koh Tao customers and many of their friends well, keeping Tom busy enough to not wear too big a hole in his hammock! We look forward to expanding in the next few years into more parts of Asia, spreading the spirit of DJL!

We have also expanded the technical diving department from a wardrobe size room behind the compressor into a busy fully running department, with expeditions to far flung areas to search for new wrecks and trips to Song Hong and Khao Sok for cave and cavern diving . The elusive Dave has written a few unique distinctive specialities including Advanced wreck diving ,  making wreck diving safer and more exciting. We now also offer a comprehensive Dive Centre operations programme, which incudes compressor operations, equipment maintenance, and gas blending. This has been very popular with folks on the divemaster looking to work as divemasters in remote locations.Our teaching repertoire is growing as we introduce rebreathers so again.. watch this space!

All of our success would not have been possible without our fantastic customers , so with our deepest thanks for all of your support , we would like to wish you a very prosperous new year!!

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