Happy New Year from DJL!

Ready for 2014?

The diving season is ready for a new year. During the last couple of months, monsoon was present. Koh Tao, as I know it, is not strong affected from the monsoon but you can experience the one or other day with more wind and waves then usual. The closer the end of the year is coming the more you can feel monsoon is ending. The last clouds getting wiped of the blue sky, the foamy waves a getting dragged out into the ocean again, and the sun is each day stronger and stronger present. Everything above and underneath the surface seems to gain more and more energy, with every little bit of sun. The fish are getting in line to swim along with you. The crabs are coming up to the surface to wave hello. The seacucumbers are trying to find a good seat to watch you passing , the turtles are on their way to arrive in time for this season and the beginning of an incredible 2014. On the surface, people are gathering together to enjoy the golden beaches, to enter the turquois water for a little refreshment. The beach huts are getting new coats, to provide the essential shade you will need this year. ….and we divers, yes we divers are watching, watching with joy the spring of the new year.

DJL Team

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