Green Turtle

Koh Tao means Turtle Island, named because the shape of the island looks like a turtle although coincidently in the past it has also been an important breeding ground for both Hawksbill and Green Turtles. On my last dive on Sairee beach I was lucky enough to come across one of these beautiful historic creatures.

Green Turtles are named because of a layer of green fat underneath their carapace. Starting off as hatchlings nesting on beaches they then make their way into the big blue and during the first 5 years they spend their time in convergence zones within the open ocean rarely seen. As they reach maturity they move into shallow lagoons feeding on a more herbivorous diet of various seagrasses.

These animals have survived for thousands of years yet today face serious threats, and mostly from human impact. To help reduce any negative impact we may have, at DJL we have beach clean ups so hopefully less turtles will be trapped or consume material they shouldn’t. Get involved and next time you see rubbish on the beach just take that little extra time to keep our ocean clean.

by Louisa


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