Great Diving on Koh Tao!!

Been a good couple of weeks here on Koh Tao, lots of new and experienced divers visiting the island, some here to start diving and many taking their diving to the next level.
We have also had a lot see in the water which is always great! Turtles definitely seem to be showing up more. I’ve seen 3 in the past 2weeks, all at different sites and doing different activities. Saw a small hawksbill turtle swimming towards the beach over the sand-patch at Mango Bay on an open water course, a green turtle going to bed at White Rock doing a night adventure dive and another hawksbill (maybe the same one from Mango Bay) at Red Rock on the way back to Japanese Gardens… glad to see them around, especially as we’re on Turtle Island!
It’s not just the turtles that are around, we’ve also seen sea-snakes and a couple whale sharks have been seen at Chumpon… first ones in a while!
Now all I need to do as soon as possible is head down to Koh Lipe to do some of the spectacular diving that’s on offer down there, really looking forward to it as the season gets on underway there.vlcsnap-2011-11-22-00h42m52s0

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