Fun Diving: Twin Pinnacles (Twins)

“Anything you care to work on during the dive?”


“Buoyancy World it is.”

Twins sits east off the smaller private island of Koh Nang Yuan which in turn lies just 15 minutes east of Koh Tao. With a maximum depth of 18 meters and the highest of the two pinnacles sitting just 5 meters below the surface, the site is ideal for both students in training and certified divers on a fun dive. Choose from thee abundance of blue spotted sting rays, white eyed moray eels and scribbled filefish; or head to Buoyancy World for some advanced level buoyancy performance training.

As requested, I took Anne into Buoyancy World to perfect her skills using the various training hoops and swim-through obstacles. We reached the octopus (the legs provide a tight-maneuvering obstacle that replicates a small cave-like environment). As we began the exercises we noticed a school of baby Blue-lined Trevaly. Only an inch long, the circulating ball of 4-500 of the little fish was distracting enough to draw us onto the sand patch where we sat and began to watch them.

Immediately the school took our large fins as protection from the Golden Trevaly that circled nearby. Within seconds the school began to spiral around us as they sensed an impending attack. Other nearby Hexagon Groupers swam in and rested on my leg waiting patiently to snap a small fish out of the spinning school.

We laid still for almost 20 minutes watching the drama unfold all around us. The Golden Trevaly swooped in narrowly missing our arms, legs and faces, snapping up the Blue-lined one at a time. You could feel the current as the Golden powered past you to strike. The Hexagon Groupers looked out for the weaker stragglers and took advantage.

After the 20 minutes we had reached the end of our dive time. It was time to head back to the dive boat. We left behind some 2-300 Blue-lined Trevaly that quickly took shelter under another dive group that was passing by. Though a little sad to see, such is the nature of life in the ocean. To be such an intimate part of it, however, was a truly awe inspiring experience. Now I know a little about what it feels like to be an Underwater Videographer…if only I had my camera with me…oops.

Fun underwater picture by BellaBy Ryan

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