Frankie joins the DJL diving team

So began my new lease of life at Davy Jones Locker on the 1st of November and what a month it has been. Well at least there are blessings of having worked on Koh Tao for a while and having done my technical diving with the company.  I didnt have to learn a million new names! Of course though, it always takes a bit of time to get used to how a new shop works and their way of doing things. Luckily the team were all really great and helped me to adjust.

So after getting settled in, it was time to start teaching.  This was to be my first opportunity to use my BSAC instructor qualification which of course is always a little nerve racking but with some hard work I had high hopes of producing some exciting new divers.  So indeed it proved, because as I was teaching my first pool session the weather took a turn for the worse.  In came the wind!!  Well after a couple of shallow shore dives we were ready to head out to the big boat. The conditions were not perfect,  but when are they.  No problems for my student Marie though who was in the water and descending like a pro within a matter of minutes. She was clearly progressing into a confident and competent diver.  Watching  her develop from what had been a nervous new diver into one taking charge and able to monitour herself and others under water always gives you great satisfaction and we all wish her all the best in the future.

As the month continued I was able to keep that ball rolling and I have to congratulate the lovely Chloe and Sian on completeing their Sports Diver course. This included a wonderful job of briefing and leading me around Twins on what was only their tenth dive. A really impressive achievment and one of which they should be extemely proud.  They also managed to provide some hysterical moments, that I will never forget.  Just ask poor Ian about being rescued by these two young ladys.  Nonetheless they perservered and turned out to be enthusiastic learners and great fun to teach. So Chloe now its time for your Boat Handling, eh.

All in all though it has been productive and enjoyable first month and lets hope there will be many more. You will be hearing from me soon………….

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