Foggy Mask, Dicks Top Tips !

Follow Dicks’ top tips and stop the issue of a foggy mask from spoiling your dive!

Foggy mask dicks top tips

This month we shall look at 4 ways to stop your Mask from fogging. A foggy mask ruins an entire dive. Fog blocks a diver’s view of the awesome underwater. It is possible to prevent any mask from fogging up, by using one of the following top tips!!!

The Toothpaste Trick

Firstly, squirt the toothpaste onto the inside of the lens. Next use your finger or a soft cloth and rub the toothpaste round for a couple of minutes. if you have the time it may be benficial to leave the mask overnight before removing the toothapste.

The Flame Trick

Divers use the flame trick to burn the residue off the inside of the mask. Carefully run the tip of the lighter flame over the inside of the lens. Stop when glass turns black. When the glass cools wipe the soot away with a soft cloth. For best results do this 2 or 3 times. Stop when in becomes difficult to turn the glass black.


Spitting on the inside of your mask, rubbing it around with your finger and then dunking it briefly into the water will leave a layer of saliva inside. However it’s not such an effective method if the mask dries out before diving. Use this method when you are in the water and just about to start descending.

Baby Shampoo

Divers use baby shampoo in a simlilar way to commercial defogging solution. Rubbing a couple of drops into the lense then rinsing will prevent a mask fogging up. The reason that baby shampoo is a preferable choice is because it doesn’t sting the eyes, is bio degradable and hypo-allergenic. Also who doesn’t love the smell of a new born baby!!!

For more ideas and for the best masks in the business, pop into the shop at Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao and speak to one of their Awesome Instructors, for help with not only fitting, but also which ones look good! Or visit for all your dive needs!!! Don’t Worry Dive Happy!! Dick x And rememeber the all inportant rule number two of Scuba Diving………. Always Look Cool!

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Don’t Worry Dive Happy!

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