Family diving

on the 15th of october i started a scuba review with Charushi, Karan, Shivank, Vikash Tibrewal, Abhyuday Surekn.
After flying through there scuba review demonstrating a clear competence in their under water skills we began the adventure of the padi advanced open water course.
The adventure dives they chose was the deep adventure dive, d.p.v’s (under water scooters) Navigation, fish i.d. and a night dive.
We were accompanied by diver masters Ryan and Emily who i’d like to say thanks very much for your help, who we wouldn’t have had so much fun without.
After completing the first two adventure dives it was on to sail rock one of the most desired dive sites on koh tao and i will tell you why.
Almost immediately after descending the biggest fish in the world glided right by us, the majestic whale shark.
Others on the site were lucky enough to see and catch on film bull sharks. It was my first time at sail rock and i have to say i was blown away at the amount of life on and around the pinnacle, it was literally teeming with school’s of barracuda, bat fish, groupers and jelly fish.
Congratulations to all the guys who passed the advanced open water. I had a phenomenal week.
Thank you, come again.

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