Diving with my Dad

Recently I was lucky enough to have my Dad visit for the week and as a keen diver himself, I decided to take the morning off work and take him diving for the day. He had two small requests, the first was to see a shipwreck which was an easy request, and the second was to see a whale shark! Now although whale sharks are fairly common around Koh Tao, it would be highly unlikely to see one on my fathers first dive on Koh Tao in almost a year. However, we geared up at Chumphon Pinnacle and jumped in. As soon as we descended down the line, we looked round to see a 5 meter whale shark swimming towards us. The look on my Dads face was amazing and as the shark coolly swam past us I have never seen him swim so fast to keep up with it! Even more luckily, one of the divers in the group had a camera so we had some amazing photos of the dive.

After the excitement of the whale shark, we moved to the second dive site of the morning, the HTMS Sattakut. This was also exciting as the last time my father was here, we actually watched the ship get sunk. We spent plenty of time swimming around the wreck taking a few photographs and everyone had a cracking dive. It was an amazing day and a cracking way to spend his last day on Koh Tao!

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