Diving with Barracuda, Koh Tao

Barracuda, large and stealth like, one of our oceans most stealthy predators. Recently i have been lucky enough to go diving with barracuda and encounter one up close and personal.

Diving with Barracuda

The great barracuda that i encountered recently at the Wreck was roughly 5ft long and you could see the power in its large body, it seemed perfectly at ease around us divers and was swimming around us contentedly. It came extremely close to us during the dive but not in a threatening way at all, more like it was showing off. It is known that barracuda have a tendency to be attracted to shiny objects, somewhat like magpies, they mistake the shine for prey. Although they seem rather menacing up close there has been very few human attacks and those that have occurred have been due to mistaken identity.

It was wonderful to see such a powerful underwater creature as close as i was lucky to get, yet another reason to get under the surface and see these fish up close.


by Dani



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