Diving Employment, How I started at DJL

diving employmentSo after becoming a Divemaster in July 2013 I was desperate to start my Instructor course. This so that I might be able to escape England on a 12 month basis while working in a job I actually enjoyed doing. (my mother is still yet to be convinced that Scuba diving is a proper job but can’t win them all)…




How I came to be in Koh Tao, and then at Davy Jones locker doing my IDC is still a mystery to me, but I arrived in Koh Tao on New Years Eve where DJL had found me a room in the rather plush and tranquil settings of CJ1 where there were others from DJL in a similar predicament. So NYE happened and was spectacular from start to finish (I surprisingly remember a lot more than I probably deserve), while the moderate to high hangover I obtained the next morning was equally spectacular!

At some point over the next couple of days I actually began to prepare for the IDC which started on the 6th of Jan. The IDC itself consists of a pretty intense 19 or so days of academics; classroom presentations, in water presentations; mock examinations and final examination. The course is spearheaded by Peter Nieuwhof, Guy Corsellis & Patrick Tassan (who has since moved on to pastures new). Now without wanting to overstate how good a job it is that they actually do (they have 100% I.E pass records for about 10-15 years or something ridiculous like that which speaks volumes in itself), the quality of their instruction/guidance etc is first class and affects huge change in the students that come through their courses.
If you are looking for somewhere to do your IDC then quite frankly you need look no further. Upon passing we all headed off to get ready and prepare for the party/BBQ in the afternoon. For some of us the preparation involved obtaining an amount of bottles relating to the various misdemeanors we owed from throughout the course. Surprisingly I owed the most, some fairly given, others I feel were slightly unfairly given, but I obtained them regardless. As with all these sort of social events there’s this sort of race to drink yourself into oblivion and be the first person to be carried home or pass out – Alex won this race for anyone who’s interested … sorry Alex. After that myself, Robert, Alex and one other went on to do our specialties instructing and MSDT internship which lasts around a month.

We are now all gainfully employed and living the dream at DJL.

By James

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