Diving Career – From Suit to Sea

Many people dream of giving up their regular 9-5 job and having the freedom to combine their work with something they really enjoy. At Davy Jones Locker we can make this dream a reality. The journey towards a diving career starts with your very first dive. Initially, some students may be a bit apprehensive during their first few sessions. However when our instructors use their skill and experience to make them feel relaxed and comfortable in the water the vast majority of people love the experience. It takes as little as 9 months for a student with no previous diving experience to train to become a PADI Instructor. As well as there being many employment opportunities here on Koh Tao, a diving instructor certification is a ticket to travel and work anywhere in the world. DJL instructor Shaun made that jump and is now a valuable member of our team.

Diving Career from suit to sea

From Suit to Sea

Ever sit back at your desk, half way through your day watching the seconds tick by slower and slower? Every day just waiting till you can escape the daily grind which is your office?

This used to be me. Spending my days trying to look busy while really looking up the next tropical destination to visit or the next dive site to explore. But all the time I knew that the reality was I would be there in that office. Stuck for too many hours and too many days to really get to see the world!

One day after visiting Thailand I got up and said “I’ve had enough. It’s time the dream became the reality!” A year later and I am now here living my dreams on tropical Koh Tao. I’m diving everyday and exploring the wonders of the underwater world.

This can be you too! Sure it is not easy, leaving loved ones behind, packing up that little one bedroom apartment, selling off the unwanted furniture and goods. And the constant worry – have you saved enough money? But at the end of it, all you have to do is take that leap of faith and dive into the unknown for the biggest adventure of your life!

Start your diving career!

Davy Jones Locker has an excellent career development program. Being a 5 star PADI Career Development Centre you know the training is first class. The biggest and hardest part is taking that first step, but that is also the most exciting.

See you diving!

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