Divemaster Trainee to Full-Time Divemaster

Andy enjoying his new job at DJL Diving

I started my divemaster trainee internship in March after doing my advanced and rescue courses at DJL. I really enjoyed my internship because it allowed me to really become a great diver and to experience what it would be like working as a divemaster. I was assisting on courses with the instructors, helping the divemasters with customers and of course fun diving with the other DMT’s. The amount of diving I did over a couple of months was unbelievable, and finished my internship with over 100 dives on Koh Tao.
During my internship I took the opportunity to expand my skills by doing courses that weren’t included in the dive master programme, such as the PADI 02 provider, Aqualung technician course and discover scuba dive leader. These extra courses showed me that the divemaster programme is just the start of my professional education.
After spending two and a half months doing my divemaster internship, and spending a little extra time getting additional qualifications, I left Koh Tao for a visit at home. Two weeks later I’m back on Koh Tao and working as a full-time divemaster at DJL. I love working as a divemaster, and after doing the internship and now working as a full time divemaster I cant imagine doing anything else. I know I still have a lot to learn but that’s why DJL is great, all the staff love diving and are always keen to pass on the knowledge they have.
Andy Cartledge

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