Divemaster Internship at DJL

This month we are welcoming a new group of Divemaster trainees to the school. The Divemaster internship is the first step in becoming a diving professional and here at DJL we pride ourselves on training first class Divemasters. The PADI Divemaster programme is one of the best courses around and her at DJL we go above and beyond the PADI requirements. It also a fun course to do with trainees all living in the same accommodation so friends are made for life. DMT’s have a number of tasks that need to be completed before being signed off including assisting instructors on PADI Open Water, Advanced and Rescue courses, a number of swim tests, assisting Divemasters with certified divers and generally learning the day to day duties required of a Divemaster. Here at DJL we also teach a lot more theory than is required by PADI, this is because many DMT’s go on to do their Instructor courses and the extra theory gives them a head start on the IDC. We also find that it makes better Divemasters as they have a much better understanding of the theory and safety of diving. Everybody who does the Divemaster course really enjoys it and never regrets doing it. There is also the possibility of employment once the course has been completed, in fact over the last 3 years, all of our Divemasters have been trained here at DJL. The culmination of the Divemaster course is the legendary snorkel test, where we have a big party and play a few embarrassing games.
We have a really good group of DMT’s at the moment and diving is awesome so put your pens down and we’ll see you in paradise!

Divemaster Trainee's at DJL

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