Divemaster Interns, Live the Dream at DJL

Jana is one of our newest diving instructors at Davy Jones Locker. Like many of the instructors who work with us Jana came through our internship programme. Then after completing her divemaster training she continued on to our Instructor Development Course (IDC).  In her first article for the DJL Blog she explains what it’s like to take that jump from a regular 9-5 job and embark on a new diving career.

Divemaster Interns, Live the Dream at DJL

Life of a PADI Divemaster at DJL

Ever imagined living on a tropical island? Spending a month or two diving the depths of the deep blue seas? Ever imagined giving up real life to do what you love? Well I did. And it all started with a PADI Divemaster course at Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao.

Diving for me had been a fun activity that I could add into my yearly holiday. However it soon became the activity that was guiding my holidays. Influencing which destination I went to and which of the endless amounts of mind-blowing dive location’s I would see. I never really thought that one day it might be something I take to a whole new level, the start of my future career!

Arriving with 50 dives under my belt, I already felt quite comfortable in the water. But a simple task like setting up my gear was something that on a lot of my holiday trips had been done for me. I was surprisingly still unsure of myself in areas simple as this…. Within a couple of days this all became natural to me, and became an easy everyday task. I was thrown in and completely submerged in the life of a PADI Divemaster!

Divemaster Training

Over the time completing my Divemaster Internship, I became transformed from where I began, a still slightly timid diver – into a confident, dive addict who lives and breathes diving as my second nature! The PADI Divemaster course is put together in such a way that, with the Divemaster candidate responsibilities given, you are able to step up and learn quickly but thoroughly all areas of the first level of professional diving. Through hands on experience the dive world opens up to you in a way that is such an easy and fun way of learning. My Divemaster package through DJL included all my very own brand new dive gear plus unlimited diving throughout the course, fun diving for life with DJL, all my Divemaster materials, plus accommodation on the island for the month I was doing my course.

The PADI Divemaster course requirements include assisting instructors with a number of PADI courses. This way you get to learn the ins and outs of diving including dive briefings, navigation, and leading dives. Other requirements include completing dive knowledge reviews and exams. I was getting first hand experience in a diver professional’s world, plus a heap of fun diving with fellow Divemasters. Not only this, but if you choose the right dive school (like DJL!), you will embrace a social life like no other and have the time of your life!

DJL Koh Tao

A few tips – Koh Tao is not only one of the most popular island’s in Thailand to go diving, it is also the cheapest. With over 60 dive schools, Koh Tao holds competitive prices which makes dive courses very affordable. There are also a huge number of dive sites in close vicinity to the island. Davy Jones Locker was the ideal school to complete a PADI Divemasters course at. Unlike other over sized dive schools where you end up just another number, Davy Jones is a close knit community. Friendly staff make sure personalised attention is given on the academics, the dive side, and all other areas of the Divemaster course. DJL also has its very own pool bar to let loose at the end of the day and make friendships, and memories that last!

Since completing my PADI Divemasters course at Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao, I had the opportunity to gain experience working as a Divemaster, as well as going on to complete my PADI Instructors course – I am diving every day, and loving every minute!

Divemaster Interns, Live the Dream at DJL


So ever imagined living on a tropical island? Perhaps this is your calling…
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