Divemaster Competition 2014!

divemasterIf I had to single out a part of my diving career as the favourite period it would be hands down the time I spent doing my Divemaster. The course takes you from just being a recreational fun diver, being lead about on underwater tours to a fully-fledged Divemaster with the knowledge and skill to lead your own dives safely and comfortably and more importantly lead others on underwater tours and actually get paid for it. It’s the moment your passion becomes your career!


Divemaster course

One of the best parts of the course is that it’s run at your own pace. If you’re in a hurry it you can normally complete it in 4 weeks. However the more standard time is between 2 and 3 months. This gives you the time to relax, dive whenever you want (for free!) and properly enjoy this island paradise. We even have some Divemaster candidates who love the place so much they havn’t left. They have still not completed it two years on!

Divemaster candidates

The best reason for doing it at Davy Jones Locker is the people. Here at DJL we on average have between 15 and 20 DMT’s at one time. In my opinion the perfect amount. Not so many that you just become a number on a conveyer belt but not so few that you can’t find plenty of people to get on with and fully enjoy both your day activities, consisting mainly of diving on our two boats or lounging by our pool or at the beach, and your night activities consisting mainly of sampling the ridiculously good food the island and indeed our restaurant has to offer and also sampling what our bar has to offer.

Divemaster Competition 2014!

Divemaster competition 2014!

The biggest advantage of starting your course now however is that the automatic entry into our DMT competition. This runs all through July and August. Anyone who signs up during these months will have their names put into a hat for a free prize draw. 2nd and 3rd place will receive 15% of their course fee back and 1st place will receive all of their course fee back! Not just their Divemaster price which is already 25,000 Baht but also any other course they have done here at DJL on the way up to that. A prize possibly worth over 60,000 Baht! To qualify all you have to do is sign up to the Divemaster programme. Closing time is (6pm) on the 30th of August. What are you waiting for!

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