Dive with Dave !

 According to a recent publication in an industry magazine over 25% of dive professionals, worldwide are called Dave, David or variations thereof. The magazine was working in collaboration with social statistics organisation Forms and the social sciences department from the University of Poole.

When narrowed down to Europe and the English speaking world 51.4% of dive professionals are called Dave! The nations with the highest occurrences of a dive pro called Dave are: USA, Australia, Ireland, England, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Norway.

 Chances are, if you’re involved with diving you know a pro called Dave and as it happens we have a couple of them with us, here in DJL; one of whom is one of the most qualified individuals on the island. If you want to dive with Dave come to DJL and you could be learning pretty much any course that the dive industry has to offer!

Dive with Dave !

By Damon

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