Dive shop operations course

I have just completed the dive shop operations course with Davy Jones Locker and my head is bulging with all the new information and skills I picked up on the course.
The course is actually a collection of courses bundled together and includes DSAT gas blender, compressor operator, and PADI equipment specialist.
We spent the first day focusing on compressors. After some theory in the morning we then got practical experience in compressor servicing, including packing filter towers, changing oil in the compressor and prime movers and servicing filling whips.
On day two we started off looking at gas blending theory for nitrox and trimix and then moved on to blend some tanks of nitrox using the continuous flow mixing system at DJL. This also gave us a chance to test out the filling whip valves we had serviced the day before and they worked like a charm.
Next on the agenda were cylinders. We serviced several brands of tank valve and learned about visual inspection procedures, we even had a field trip to our local hydrostatic testing station to watch tanks being tumbled and hydro tested.
Probably the most challenging bit of the course was servicing of first and second stages of regulators which involves completely disassembling the regulators down to their component parts, meticulously cleaning each part with a four stage cleaning process, replacing all the required parts such as o rings and filters before lubricating and reassembling the regulators before finally setting the correct breathing sensitivity and testing the regulators.
It was by no means an easy course, but instructors Neal Sanders and Dave Polley took us step by step through the complex process slowly and patiently taking care to make sure we understood what we were doing.
If you are working towards a career in the dive industry, this course will set you apart from the crowd by equipping you with skills that are highly desirable in the trade.
Thank you to Neal and Dave for a great course.

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