Dive Island

People come to Koh Tao for various reasons, whether for the night life and  parties or our beautiful beaches and bays, but you can’t overlook the diving!

Koh Tao is a scuba diving island, it’s the reason everything is here today and the undoubted highlight of the gulf of Thailand so why not consider it. I’ve been diving here for 3 years with Djl diving growing from a complete beginner to a teaching instructor and along the way I’ve seen some amazing things… From eagle rays at Japanese Gardens, turtles at Twins and White Rock, a WWII era ship wreck just off hin pee wee, and everyone’s favorite giant, the whale shark out at Chumphon, South West or Green Rock, along with all the countless other fish that inhabit our wonderful reefs.

It’s all down there just waiting to be explored!!!

by Russ

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