Discover Scuba Diving

The discover scuba diving programme is perfect for those that have never tried diving before and are unsure of what to expect. But in just an afternoon, most discover that it is something they absolutely love and want to do more of. The other day, I was introduced to two girls who wanted to experience scuba diving.One was feeling pretty nervous about the fish and the other was a little unsure about whether or not she would enjoy it, but both were up for giving it a go. So after explaining the basic information needed to go diving, we all jumped into the water at Mango Bay and headed to the beach to do a few simple skills. The girls completed all the skills easily and so we headed out on a dive. Within minutes, it was clear to see that everyone was having a really great time, they took to diving really well and were already looking very comfortable in the water. After exploring the divesite, we eventually came up to the surface and both agreed that they absolutely loved it. So much so that they decided to do a second dive, followed by the open water course and advanced course too. So even if you’re not sure if diving is your thing, give the discover scuba diving programme a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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