Coral species of Koh Tao

As well as an abundance of colorful reef fish, the warm clear waters surrounding the island are also home to a myriad of interesting coral species.

Coral is an unusual organism.  Whil

Christmas Tree Worms

Christmas Tree Worms

st to the untrained eye they may resemble plants, they are in fact animals, in most cases a community of animals sharing a common skeleton (although in some species, such as the cup coral, the polyps are solitary).

Around Koh Tao you can routinely find examples of staghorn  coral, table coral, porities, slipper coral, mushroom coral, yellow cup coral and harp coral to name but a few.

The coral itself then provides shelter to many other forms of marine life, from the solider fish that can often be seen between the branches of the coral through to those that literally bury themselves into the coral such as boring clams and Christmas tree worms.

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